Tips on making a Grocery List

Here are a few tips to keep me mind when creating your weekly or monthly grocery list
that will help save you money.

Be Organized! Have A Plan! Shop Smart!
#1. ALWAYS check the cupboards, fridge, and freezer to see what items you have on hand BEFORE adding an item to your grocery list. For example, don't add ground beef to the list when you know that you have it already in your freezer. If you have frozen ground beef in the freezer - use it! Try to make it a habit to create your menus by using the food you have on hand or the meats that are on sale that week.

#2. Double check ALL recipes that you wish to make and using the above tip only get the ingredients you do NOT have. Create a Monthly/Weekly recipe box where you put all the recipes you will be using for the month/week that way you don't have to go searching through books, magazines, websites or whatever. If you prefer. It's a huge time saver!

#3. Compare prices! Shop at home - get onto your local supermarket websites (eg. Food Lion, Kroger) and compare prices according to the items that you NEED for that week/month.
Think about other factors as well......will you be traveling to both stores? Or would it save you gas/time to just go to one store and pay that extra 10 cents for butter? Always think about what would save you
 gas, time, and money in the long run. If you have to run across down to get that butter to save 10 cents, chances are it's smarter to just buy it at the store you're in rather than running across town if you do not need to.