Thursday, December 22, 2011

Preparing for the New Year

I'm sitting here drinking a hot cup of Peppermint Mocha that I got in the free sample packet from Nescafé several weeks ago. It's the time of year where we start thinking about the new year and all the plans and goals we want to accomplish during the upcoming year. For some of us the goals include: exercising more, losing weight, sticking to a budget and various other odds and ends. For us budget and frugal minded people, we begin to think of what ways we can save even more money in the new year.

In the midst of this busy Christmas season - sending out Christmas cards, baking goodies, shopping, wrapping gifts, spending time with family and friends celebrating the birth of Christ, my mind is already several weeks ahead. I've been busy going through recipes and blogs working on planning my next month's menu. I'm also working on planning extra meals for February since I only have 7 weeks left before our new addition arrives and I want to have stuff on hand for those days when I'm tired and lacking energy!

As I prepare the grocery list for the upcoming month, does anyone want to share some of their favorite meals? Slowcooker and freezer meals are always great! :) I love trying new recipes! What are some of your favorite tried and true recipes that rank high in your family?

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