Friday, January 6, 2012

Baskets, baskets, baskets!!!!

Yes, I love baskets! My laundry room needs some help and baskets are going to be my handy little tool into making it look neat and orderly (or so I hope!). I decided to take a trip into town this afternoon while on a mission to find baskets. I ended up going to AC Moore (a craft store that is like Hobby Lobby (which I REALLY wish we had here in town) and Michaels). I finally found what I was looking for: wicker baskets! Not too small and not too big - perfect. Not only were they the right size, they also were on sale! $10 per basket no matter the size! The original prices ranged from $14.99-29.99, so I bought three of them.I had been wanting to get some baskets for a while now, but couldn't bring myself to buy a small basket for $6.99 when I really wanted/needed the larger when I found this deal I was quite pleased! I wasn't able to use a coupon since the baskets were on sale, which was a good thing because I would of been a failed couponer since I had accidentally left my coupons at home, but since they couldn't be used with sale-priced items it worked out fine. After I left A.C. Moore, I decided to run into ROSS quickly to see if I could find anything there that might help with organization. While I was in there, I found the perfect baskets! CHEAPER than the ones at A.C. Moore!!! How annoying! I debated whether or not to keep the baskets I had just bought or to return them. I decided to just keep them and go ahead buy several of the other ones from ROSS as well. A girl can always find a use for a basket. I spent a little over $40 on baskets today, but these baskets will be put to good use.

I spent my Saturday working on my laundry room:



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