Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Figuring it all out....

~ STEP 1~

Plan ahead for once-a-month shopping!

It's only March 16th, but let's begin to plan for our April grocery shopping. Start this week by finding all the recipes you wish to have for the month of April. Browse online, through your cookbooks, and magazines to compile your stack of favorite recipes and including the new recipes that you would like to try out. Make sure that you have slow-cooker recipes, dishes that you can freeze and meals that are quick and easy to make that you can whip together in a moments notice in your pile of recipes. Going through recipes can be a lot of fun, but also very time consuming when you're trying to find just the "right" meals to make that are good and healthy.

If you happen to have some extra time after deciding what recipes you'd like to make you may want to check out these free printable recipe cards to write all the recipes you want to make this month, so you can have them all in one place instead of in various places in many recipe books/or websites. Check out recipe cards at:

Making grocery lists and going grocery shopping can be overwhelming at times, but if you take the time to plan and organize your list you'll find it much less stressful.

I actually was in our local Walmart Super-Center today for the 1st time since I did my monthly shopping back on February 28th! My sister-in-law and I were out and she needed a few items from the store, which is the only reason we were in there today. I did end up buying a few items today - like a jar of sauce, hand soap, and some plums.

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