Monday, March 21, 2011

Step 2 - COUPONS!

Step #2 - COUPONS!

Last week we figured out our menu and what recipes we wanted to make for the upcoming month. This week, we're going to take that list and search for coupons. If you get the Sunday paper, then you probably have a good collection of coupons, but what happens to those of us that do not get the paper??? We can still save money through couponing as well thanks to wonderful coupon sites and our trusted printers!

This is a very relaxful approach to shopping - using the whole week to complete 1 task. I have learned that a person shouldn't wait until the day OF her shopping trip to sit at the computer to find coupons, because that will take HOURS - time that she could be spending at the store shopping and time she could be at home making meals to freeze after arriving home from her shopping trip or whatever. When a woman is organized things run much more smoothly - in and out of the home.


*Create a coupon email - this email address is separate from your personal e-mail address.

* If you're on facebook "fan" pages of those companies that you usually buy the most products from.

* Do NOT sign up for anything, unless you feel comfortable sharing that personal information.

*Use TRUSTED sites. For example, if a lot of friends or bloggers are talking about a certain site from which they print off coupons, chances are it is a good and trusted site. Use careful judgement in determining what is right for you or not. If you don't feel a peace signing up for something and/or sharing certain info. don't do it.

* Browse the "official" sites of companies and stores that you will be shopping at in order to find coupons and special discounts. For example, Krogers has a really nifty little tool for their customers, where you can browse through the coupons on their website and upload them to your Kroger Card, which means easy shopping.

*Sign-up to receive emails from your local grocery store to get the upcoming week's deals.

*Ask a friend who gets the Sunday paper if they will be using the coupons. Chances are there are a few people out there that do not coupon at all and therefore their coupons go to waste and will gladly give you the coupons.

Here are a few of my favorite coupon sites:

- -----Sign-up for swagbucks before printing coupons from this website, because then you'll be able to earn "bucks" to help you with adding points to get free giftcards. Swagbucks is free and it really does work!!!! It's the coolest thing to browse online and earn points (bucks) for just using their search engine and then being able to get free giftcards! What could be better than going on a free coffee date to Starbucks with your spouse or good friend for FREE?! Or to save up points for an amazon gift card to use for Christmas shopping later in the year?!?! It's free! It's good! And it works!

"Earn 10 Swag Bucks for every coupon you print and redeem at your local grocery store!
Just check the box of the coupons you want to redeem, print them at home, redeem them at the store,
save money, and earn
Swag Bucks! It is 100% FREE to print coupons, so don't delay - the sooner you print, the sooner you SAVE!
Swag Bucks are only awarded for redeemed coupons. Will take up to 8 to 12 weeks after redemption for Swag Bucks to show in your account."

***You may be required to download a printer download for the website in order to print the coupons, don't worry it is safe! **

-Red Plum has a bunch of free printable coupons, including coupons for restaurants, drugstores, and coupon codes.

-Smart Source - enter your zip code for coupons in your area

Now, make your list of what items you will need for your shopping trip and go check out those websites for coupons related to your list. Then print ONLY the coupons you will NEED. Remember to check to see how long the coupons are vaild. Then on the evening/day before you go shopping make sure you do a quick run through of your list and of your coupons and check the coupon sites to make sure you don't miss out on any great deals!

Another really good tip is to have a meal planned out for the day you go shopping. You throw your meal together and put it in the crockpot, then grab your list & coupons and go to the store! That way, you'll not be so rushed when you get home to plan a wonderful meal for your husband/family and you can kick your feet up and relax for a little bit after all the groceries have been put away. Keep that in mind while making your list. :)

Tonight, we're having beef stew in the crockpot, sweet potato bisicuts, and peach cobbler! I'm busy working making waffles to put into the freezer. They make wonderfully quick & easy breakfasts! Especially on the weekends when you just want to stay in bed a little longer. ;)


  1. Wow! You make it all sound so simple! lol This has been extremely motivating and I am going to try and get my grocery list together for April and work on those coupons! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I can't wait to see how your shopping turns out for April, Hailey! :) You're such a great wife and I know you'll save $$ when you shop! :)