Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Time Treats!

It's summertime and life around here has been full of Father's Day get-togethers, family gatherings, birthdays, and so much more! I'm busy working on my monthly menu for July at the moment and it's currently a slow process since I'm going through new recipes and looking for easy, yummy, and cheap summer meals!

Here is a recipe for some wonderful cool and refreshing ice cream cakes!

Ice Cream Cake

Here is the easy and delicious ice cream cake recipe....

Ice Cream Cake

1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream(I used the oreo cookie (cookies'n cream) ice cream for the reg. flavor cake, Bryers Sarah Lee cheesecake flavored icecream for the strawberry cheese cake flavored cake, and a peanut butter/chocolate swirl icecream for the peanut butter cake).

1 package Jell-O vanilla or cheesecake flavored pudding mix(I used chocolate pudding mix in my peanut butter flavored cake and vanilla and cheesecake flavored puddings for my other two cakes - puddings are optional and fat-free and sugar free puddings work fine too).

1 package Oreo cookies(Depending on what type of flavor you plan to make you can choose from the many different flavored cookies. I used the peanut butter and chocolate oreo cookies for my peanut butter flavored cake, I used the vanilla oreos for my strawberry cheese cake ice cream cake, and then used regular oreos for my orginal flavored ice cream cake).

1 container cool whip

1/2 stick of butter

Directions:Set ice cream out to soften. Crush Oreos and mix with about a half a stick of butter (sometimes more) and press on bottom of 9"x 11" pan. Mix softened ice cream with pudding mix. Spread over top of oreo crust. Top ice cream mixture with cool whip and put in freezer for a few hours.


Regular flavor - nothing extra (you could drizzle some chocolate ice cream topping on it)

Peanut Butter - I drizzled carmel ice cream sauce on top of the finished cake.

Strawberry Cheesecake - I added strawberry ice cream topping and fresh strawberries.

Be creative and create your own unique flavored ice cream cake!


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  1. Sounds delicious and easy (my kind of recipe!).