Thursday, September 22, 2011

Easy Meals: Tuna loaves & 7 layer salad

Who doesn't love an easy meal that is healthy and cheap? Well, last week I made a 7 layer salad and mini tuna loaves for dinner. The tuna only cost me 10 cents per can. If you live in TN, KY or VA you may have a Super Dollar Discount store nearby. I had heard friends talking about it, but I was unsure about it and wondered if it was really worth it, if it was clean, if the food was good....I mean it's not like a big chain named store.

Well, it so happened one day that I was doing my grocery shopping at Walmart when I bumped into a good friend who told me that she had just gone to Super Dollar and bought tuna for 10 cents each! Needless to say, I was highly impressed and decided to venture over there and find out what type of store it really was. I was surprised - it wasn't dirty, the staff was nice, it was in a great location (across from Krogers - great idea to save on what I can at Super Dollar, then move over to finish the shopping at Krogers) and the prices were great! I stacked up on tuna that day and we JUST finished it last week! Tuna is great because it keeps for so long. I would recommend that if you shop at discount stores - ALWAYS check the dates! You don't want to find yourself getting a great deal by buying spoiled and expired foods.


Mini-tuna loaves - makes six loaves

*2 cans tuna
*1/2 cup mayo
*3/4-1 cup bread crumbs (I like using the seasoned bread crumbs)

Mix ingredients together like this:
Shape into mini loaves with your hands and place in an ungreased Pyrex dish. Bake for 15-25 minutes or until loaves are lightly brown (as pictured below). Serve with veggies or a fresh salad.

For a seven layer salad you will need: lettuce, chopped carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, bacon bits, 2 hard boil eggs, small bag of frozen peas and cheddar cheese. Then for the topping you will need sour cream and mayonnaise.

Layer the salad in a clear glass dish or a trifle dish to give it a pretty look. Start with lettuce and then build the salad layering carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and half a bag of frozen peas thawed. Top with chopped hard boiled eggs, bacon bits and cheddar cheese. You can either put the mayo/sour cream dressing on before the eggs, bacon and cheese or you can put it on top after you put them on. Mix approx 1/2 cup of sour cream with approx 3/4 cup of mayo. I didn't really measure how much I mixed together, so you may want to eye it instead of going with my measurements - just make sure you have more mayonnaise than sour cream.


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