Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Seriously, this week has been full of all sorts of free things: e-cookbooks, recipe magazines, free drinks at Starbucks and last but not least - free pizza from Little Caesars!

Yesterday from 4-7pm at our local Little Caesars they were giving away FREE hot and ready pizzas! Who could pass up a deal like that?! Due to the fact that I already had a meal made for our supper we decided to go pick up the pizza after we ate and then just put it in the fridge and warm it up for dinner tonight. The pizza was one of those local facebook deals, where if you liked their page you could print a coupon(s) for FREE pizza. It was limit 1 coupon per person - which means that both my hubby and I could of gotten 1 pizza each, but I figured that it would of be a little much for the two of us - we'd probably be eating pizza the rest of the week!

There is one thing that I've learned while making meals for two - finish up leftovers!!! We have a side-by-side fridge and I've finally mastered the trick of fitting ALL our food in the thing! As the meal planner and the cook, I must make recipes that will fit other meals. For example, this week I made Parmesan chicken, potato casserole (recipe to come soon!), green beans, cottage cheese rolls (recipe coming soon!) and pumpkin pie! I made that on Friday evening when the weather was dark, rainy, cool and just the perfect evening for a candlelight dinner. We are still eating the green beans, potato casserole (I'll finish the last of it up for lunch today), and the pumpkin pie! Once the chicken was finished, I made a 9x13 pan of crab meat lasagna on Monday and we will finish that up tomorrow (since we're having pizza tonight!) and the green beans. Before I made the chicken meal, I had made a seven-layer salad and served mini-tuna loaves with it - yummy! Check back soon for recipes!

Tonight, I consider to be a real budget menu meal - free pizza which will be served with either fresh cut veggies or a salad.

What are some great budget meals that you've made this month?

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