Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter and Happy Planning!

I need to do some updating soon - with lots of pictures! My little seedlings are growing well and I'm quite proud of them. I only had one little pepper plant pop up, so I'll have to plant a few more of those. Stuffed peppers sound totally yummy!!!

My husband & I celebrated our 1st year of marriage this past weekend and so we enjoyed a little get-a-way. It's hard to believe that it has taken me almost 1 year of marriage to finally figure out menus, cooking, and budgeting for two people. I grew up in a home with five younger siblings, so I'm used to making food go far, but I have found out that stretching food is not the greatest thing for a couple of newlyweds, unless we want to eat the same thing for 2 weeks straight. We don't mind leftovers, but I enjoy cooking and baking and if I only get to cook 1x in two weeks I feel useless in the kitchen!

WARNING: PLAN AHEAD! I learned that being gone over the weekend means that you MUST plan ahead. I was so thrilled with the idea of not having to wash dishes or cook meals for 2 days, that I forgot to plan a meal for Sunday night and Monday's lunch (which is usually leftovers from Sunday dinner). Since we had been gone Friday and Saturday and spent Sunday afternoon with family.....I didn't have any food prepared for Monday lunch! We ran out of bread this past week, so I couldn't just make a tuna sandwich or a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. I have English muffins, but they don't taste quite right with tuna or P&J. So, this morning, I just pulled out the lasagna out from the freezer, cooked it, and went to have lunch with my husband at work! :)

I hope to add pictures and include the step-by-step instructions for making a fabric covered recipe book soon!

Have you started to prepare your shopping list for the month of May? Are you trying any new recipes? How much more are you going to try to decrease your grocery spending? Are you going to try using more coupons? Are you working on a garden?

Hope you all had a blessed Easter celebrating our Risen Lord!

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