Friday, April 15, 2011

Recipe Books!


Are you already thinking about what you'll eat and make next month, are you already planning ahead? I'm such a planner and I LOVE recipe books - so I'm already planning my menu for the month of May! I went to the libary yesterday and enjoyed picking out quite a few recipe books. I was surprised to find a lot of books on freezer meals! My book list consists of:

  • The coupon mom's guide to cutting your grocery bills in half By: Stephanie Nelson

  • Rodale's book of hints, tips & everyday wisdom

  • Feeding the whole family By Cynthia Lair

  • Chef on a shoestring By: ???

  • Mix 'n match meals in minutes for people with diabetes By: Linda Gassenheimer

  • Eat cheap, but eat well By: Charles Mattocks

  • The $5 mom cookbook By: Erin Chase

  • Dinner's in the freezer! By: Jill Bond

  • Dirt-cheap gardening By: Rhonda Massingham

  • The golden book of baking By: Rachel Lane

  • Quesadillas By: Donna Kelly

  • Vegetarian sandwiches By: Paulette Mitchell

  • Ice cream and frozen desserts By: Peggy Fallon

  • Can I freeze it? By: Susie Theodorou

  • Jane Butel's freezer cookbook By: Jane Butel

  • Don't panic, more dinner's in the freezer By: Suise Martinez

  • The family kitchen By: Debra Ponzek

  • Pillsbury Doughboy family pleasing recipes

  • Glorious one-pot meals By: Elizabeth Yarnell

  • Make it fast, cook it slow By: Stephanie O'Dea

Why not visit your local library soon to see what new and exciting recipes you can find for the month of May? Why not, also purchase a small photo album where you can print your favorite recipes out on recipe cards and slide them into your album for save keeping.

I'll show you how to make your own designed,cloth-covered recipe book album next week! Stay in tune for the step-by-step how to instructions!


  1. Oh Heather, I desperately need to organize my recipe books! When I got married my mom and sister made me a recipe "scrapbook" with favorite recipes I grew up with and lots of blank pages to add my own. I tend to print a lot of my recipes off the computer and then the recipes float around the kitchen. I need to sit and copy them into my cooking "scrapbook"!

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