Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In The Kitchen...Sit Long..Talk Much..Laugh Often!

As a woman, I tend to spend the majority of my time in the kitchen. I might not be cooking every day, but I am at least washing dishes and making sure the kitchen is neat and clean. Our kitchen, dinning area, and living room is all open and I totally love it! In this post I'm going to include the kitchen area to also mean the dinning area in which we have our meals together as a couple. If you include the "kitchen" to stand for the place you spend the majority of your time cooking, washing dishes, and eating - then I would say that we are typically spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Do you like your kitchen? What are some of your favorite features about your kitchen that you just love? What style kitchen do you have? What would your dream kitchen look like? Do you enjoy remodeling?

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Today I want to share with you my blogging friend, Brandi's Spare Time Remodeling blog! Brandi enjoys remodeling and is such a creative lady! :) Click HERE for pictures of her kitchen!

My kitchen is "farm" theme decor - but other than that, I haven't been very creative with it and therefore I'm not taking any pictures of the kitchen itself. :) I do promise to take some pictures to post later though.


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! I'm honored, and I definitely do spend a lot of time in my kitchen! :)

  2. Most welcome! :) You're such an inspiration! :)

  3. I totally agree! The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home! I think we have a decent sized kitchen, especially for the size of our home. I would like to paint red stripes in the bay window area. Our kitchen has dark appliances and I have tried to accent it with red so if I ever get brave enough I want to paint stripes!