Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Shopping Trip.....

(the coupons that arrived the day AFTER I went shopping)

I'm sure you're wondering about the details of my monthly shopping trip - I spent a total of $167.00 ($161 subtotal) but that wasn't for just groceries. I had to get several non-food/health related products - like things for the garden, gift items and a 1x a year buy type of things, so if I subtract that I would of spent: $135.93!!! I only shopped at Walmart and didn't bother going to any of the other grocery stores around town since I only had 1.5 hrs in which to do my shopping. I subtracted $150 from the $135.93 and now I have $14.07 left to spend for my grocery shopping budget for this month. I found quite a bit of things to stock up on while I was shopping - corn meal, noodles, chicken breasts (the chicken breast was half off normal price, so I got a couple of them to freeze), and a few other things. If I find a good deal and can afford it - I stock up!
Things that would of been cheaper else where:

*Conditioner would of been cheaper at CVS

*Dish soap would of been cheaper at CVS

*Toothpaste would of probably been cheaper at either CVS or Krogers

*Cheese would of been cheaper at Krogers

*Milk would of been cheaper at Krogers (I didn't need to buy milk on this shopping trip, but I will be getting it next week when I go out for my "rest of the month" perishable food shopping trip.

*Buying ground beef meat in bulk would of been cheaper at Krogers (but I didn't need much meat this month), so I saved money/time/gas by getting just what I needed while at Walmart.

I got my envelope of coupons in the mail on Friday - the day AFTER I had gone shopping! That's ok since a lot of the coupons don't expire until June! I'll keep you posted on how all that goes once I finish sorting through the coupons and figure out what I can still use this month and save $$! :)
How was your shopping trip??? Find any good deals?! Did you use coupons? Can't wait to read how your adventures went!

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